Religious Studies Tutor, 2021 – 2022

Miss Nikita Hayward achieved an A* in  GCE A-Level Theology before attending Worcester College and graduating from Oxford University with a Bachelor of Arts in History. Since 2015, Miss Hayward has worked in education by teaching lessons in India, Bangladesh, and the UK. Nikita’s Religious Studies syllabus specialties are Catholic Christianity including catechism, sacraments, liturgical calendar; Christianity Peace and Conflict; Biblical exegesis including Synoptics and Fourth Gospel; and Buddhism (Tibetan and Mahayana). In addition, Nikita is able to tutor Philosophy and Ethics including teleological argument, Utilitarianism, Situation Ethics, Kant’s Deontology, and Natural Moral Law (Aristotle and Aquinas).

Nikita also tutors History, English Language and Literature, and English as an Additional Language.

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