LNAT and Law

As of 2018, The National Admissions Test for Law (LNAT) has been required by the prestigious Law Programmes at the following universities: Oxford, LSE, UCL, Glasgow, Durham, King’s College London, Nottingham, Bristol, and SOAS.  The LNAT is an aptitude test that focuses on verbal reasoning skills, such as reading comprehension, interpretation of arguments, analysis of key points, synthesis of ideas, induction of concepts, and deduction of theories. Section A of the LNAT is a 42 question multiple choice exam taken on a computer. The LNAT Practice test simulator may be downloaded at this link. Section B of the LNAT is a 40-minute essay. Topics may including applying ethical principles, the role of education in society, understanding law, issues in media, moral philosophy, different political views, or scientific debates. The essay should logical organise compelling arguments and counterarguments, before arriving at a intelligent, sound and reasonable conclusion. Law candidates should begin preparing for the LNAT as soon as possible.

Cambridge Law and other top universities, do not require the LNAT. Instead, they may require Cambridge Law Test, which is a 60-minute essay. The topics tested are similar to the LNAT.

Law and LNAT Tutor

Mr Jules Père obtained a 28/42 score on the 2021 LNAT; 16% over the national cohort average. Mr Père graduated from King’s College London (B.A. Philosophy, First-Class Honours) where he was also awarded the 2022 Jelf Medal for outstanding academic performance at the undergraduate level, and the Module Prize in Advanced Ethics & Politics. 

His additional university achievements include: European semi-finalist and second highest European advocacy score in ECSL 2022 Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot competition (London, Paris, and Vienna); winner of the King’s College Bar and Mooting Society 2021 Human Rights Law Moot; runner-up at the London Institute of Space Policy & Law 2021 Space Law Moot.

Mr Père has worked in Commercial Law in London, England, and has experience with both Human Rights Law (Geneva, Switzerland) and Criminal Law (London, England).

Jules has been successfully tutoring LNAT, French, Italian, and effective essay writing since 2020 in London.

Law and LNAT Tutor

Mr Ian Thomas joined International Scholars Tuition School in August 2018.  Originally from the United Kingdom, Ian studied law at Queen Mary College, University of London (now Queen Mary London) and was awarded an honours degree in law (LL.B). He qualified as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales and set up a contentious matters and advocacy department at a firm of solicitors that did not have such a practice.

Ian then moved into the field of prosecuting, joining a number of Prosecuting Solicitor departments in England. His last position in the United Kingdom was as a founding member of the Crown Prosecution Service, serving in a management position in London.

Ian came to Hong Kong in 1989 to take an appointment as a Permanent Magistrate. He served in that capacity for over twenty years, also sitting from time to time as the Coroner and as a Deputy District Judge.

Whilst sitting as a magistrate, Ian studied for his master’s degree at the University of Hong Kong, being awarded the degree of LL.M.

After leaving the bench Ian joined the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) as the Senior Regulatory Development Manager, Asia Pacific. In that position he monitored and enforced global professional and personal standards required of members.

Thereafter, Ian taught a legal drafting and legal writing module  in the Higher Diploma for Legal Executives course at a community college in Hong Kong.

Ian has recently worked as an independent document examiner in the field of e-discovery involved in civil litigation. He is also an independent business case writer and proofing editor preparing cases for use in local tertiary business and management schools.

Throughout his service as a Permanent Magistrate Ian has delivered courses and presentations to the local bar, to local tertiary academic institutions and to a number of commercial companies offering instruction in local legal and financial matters.

Ian belongs to a global association that aims to encourage legal and other professionals to adopt plain words and usage in the practice of the law.

Ian is keen that students should learn the philosophy and purpose of law at an early stage and that they are able to appreciate that law is not merely a series of regulations but is also the means by which society is held together, and by which society advances and resolves competing interests, claims and beliefs. 

Recently, Ian has coached from Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate and GSIS students for the Oxford Law Interview. who received offers to study Law at East Anglia and Oxford. Another of his students is now studying history at St. Andrew’s University in the UK and a young scholar, previously at an ESF school, is now at Berkhamsted School also in the UK.

Principal Law and LNAT Tutor

Mr Don Ho is the founder of International Scholars Tuition School. Don studied Legal Relations, Labour Relations, Individual Rights Protection, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, while studying for his Bachelor of Education Business at the University of Alberta; and Law, while studying for his Master of Business Administration at the University of Victoria. Don has tutored International Advanced Level Law to self-study private candidates, who have gone on to study Law in the UK. Don’s LNAT students, who are targeting Oxbridge Law have extremely high success rates. His most successful LNAT student has gone to Oxford Law on a full scholarship.

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