Physics is one of the experimental sciences offered by the IB program in Hong Kong that is tutored at International Scholars Tuition. Along with Biology and Chemistry, Physics is required or recommended by most of the undergraduate engineering, mathematics, and science programs at the top universities. Our Physics tutors are able to help. At a young age, students should build a solid foundation of skills and knowledge by learning how to design experiments using scientific method, to evaluate data and evidence, and write complete answers using accurate terminology. At 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance in the UK, students should understand how light and sound travels, forces, electromagnets, electric circuits, the solar system, energy, motion, rotation, pressure, density, and waves; if they are to receive offers from the top UK independent boarding schools. No specific Physics knowledge is required for the top US boarding schools.  As students progress to IGCSE, topics include, Newton’s Laws, efficiency, refraction, ultrasound, lenses, electromagnetic waves, atoms, nuclear radiation, life cycle of stars, and motors.  At GCE A-Level, students who are planning to study Physics at university in Great Britain will be tutored in kinematics, dynamics, superposition, thermal properties, oscillations, capacitance, particle physics, and quantum physics. Students planning to study Physics in the United States should be prepared to take the Physics SAT Subject Test and the Physics AP. In addition to apply the major physics topics, students are also expected to use simple algebra, trigonometry, ratios, and proportion to laboratory experiments.

Affiliated Independent Private Physics Tutor, 2009 – present

Mr Daniel Chan has been tutoring Physics for IST since 2009. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (Hons.) in Chemistry from the University of New South Wales, Australia, and a Bachelor of Science Degree (Advanced) from the University of Sydney, Australia. He is in the final stages of his Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge.

Since joining IST, Daniel has tutored students from the German Swiss International School (GSIS) doing the IGCSE exam which they learnt about wave theory, electromagnetism, electricity, Newton’s Laws of motions. He has also tutored a student from King George V School to prepare for Edexcel IGCSE exam, where he is studying topics like terminal velocity, electricity, thermal physics. To King’s Scholars from Eton College, Daniel has tutored on various IGCSE and A-Level topics, for example, nuclear fusion and fission, photoelectric effect and centripetal forces. To students from Marymount Secondary School, he has tutored Snell’s Law, lenses formula, thermometers and thermal physics based on the HKDSE syllabus. Daniel has tutored electromagnetism, quantum physics and materials to an AQA Physics A-Level student from Aiglon College, Switzerland, kinematics and mechanics to an AP Physics student at Berkshire School, USA, and thermodynamics and kinetic theory to an undergraduate Physics student at Syracuse University, USA. Daniel can offer essential exam technique and correct common mistakes made by students to improve their performance in the public exams.

Daniel tutored several students studying in the UK on their Edexcel IGCSE physics exam. A wide range of topics were taught, for instance, properties of waves, radiation, nuclear physics, Ohm’s Law, mains electricity. In addition, Daniel tutored students on the physics knowledge required in the Scientific Knowledge and Applications Paper of BioMedical Admission Test (BMAT).

Daniel tutored a university student for his admission test to transfer to medical school in Europe. He taught many topics at advanced level such as electric field, rotational mechanics, wave-particle duality, electromagnetic induction, simple harmonic motion and thermodynamics. Given the high standard of the exam, he covered both A-level and IB syllabus and went through many practice questions in order to make him fully prepare for his admission test.

In addition, Daniel , as part of IST’s Basic University Application Package, helped a student receive an offer and scholarship to study at Oxford by helping to prepare for the student for the Physics Aptitude Test (PAT), the personal statement, and interview.

Principal Physics Tutor, 2005 – present

Since 2005, Mr Don Ho has been a Physics tutor at IST. Don has tutored 13+ Common Entrance and IGCSE topics such as electrical circuits; reflection, refraction, and dispersion of waves; conduction, convection, and radiation; and Hooke’s Law and extension, and Boyle’s Law and pressure; to students from Eton College, Harrow School, Oundle School, and Island School. Don is the Principal of IST and can tutor students who are applying to boarding schools or universities in the UK or US. International Scholars Tuition School is a Registered UCAS Centre.



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