Booking Lessons

We accept requests for lessons throughout the year.


Please provide us with the student’s details:

  • Name
  • School
  • Subject(s) and Level
  • Exam Board and Date (optional)
  • Preferred Tutor(s) (optional)
  • Lesson Start and End Dates
  • Preferred Lesson Times and Dates
  • Parent or Guardian Name
  • Contact Information
  • Name of Referral

Proposed Schedule – Reserved for 7 days

We will process your request once it is complete and send you a proposed schedule. You will have 7 days to confirm your proposed schedule by payment. Any changes to your proposed schedule must be made within this time, as your lessons will be reserved only until the payment deadline.

Confirmed Schedule – Payment Received for 7 days

Once we have received payment, you will be issued a receipt and a confirmed schedule. Changes to your confirmed schedule may be made with 24 hours notice, subject to availability.

Waiting List

If your preferred tutor is full at your requested times, you may choose to have lessons with another of our recommended tutors and go on the preferred tutor’s waiting list. If your preferred time with your preferred tutor becomes available, you will be given the option to switch tutors. Alternatively, you may choose only to go on the preferred tutor’s waiting list, but students who choose to have lessons with one of our recommended tutors will be given priority.

Please be advised, that some students have already confirmed their lessons 12 months in advance, by agreeing to pay 12 equal monthly installments.


School Term Students scheduling begins immediately after receiving your request. Your proposed schedule will be sent to you once it is done.

Holiday Students scheduling begins after the current holiday period finishes. Your proposed schedule will be sent to you once it is done. The School Holiday Periods are:

  • Christmas
  • February Half-Term Break
  • Easter
  • June Half-Term Break
  • Summer
  • October Half-Term Break


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