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Chinese Mandarin Tutor

Ms Yenga Yan graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2018 with Bachelor of Arts and Master of Natural Sciences. She is a native speaker of both Mandarin Chinese and English, having been born in Beijing and then raised in Edinburgh, Scotland. Yenga currently tutors students in Mandarin of all levels, including GCSE and IB Diploma on speaking, reading, listening and writing in Mandarin. Being bilingual, her lessons are conducted primarily in Mandarin with the occasional use of English to help with translations and explanations.

Lessons with Yenga aim to improve the student’s ability and confidence to use Mandarin in conversation and their appreciation for Chinese literature, history, and culture. At IST, she has gained experience teaching Hong Kong students from international school students such as those from Renaissance College Hong Kong (RCHK) and French International School, who have been raised in a culturally diverse environment and can read both traditional and simplified Chinese texts. In addition to focussing on exam papers and syllabus material, Yenga is an avid reader in her spare time and hopes to share her knowledge of a wide range of popular and critically acclaimed classic Chinese and contemporary authors and their works.

Yenga is also available practise Mandarin conversation with students and adult learners, which aims to help speakers improve on their accents and expand their vocabulary range. For Mandarin conversation, Yenga will offer a range of useful phrases that can be used on a daily basis for a variety of different situations from travelling, eating out, to sports and recreation. She draws upon interactive materials from online resources and tries to engage the interests to make learning Mandarin more accessible.


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